Working at Galleon Wealth Management

Working at Galleon Wealth Management

At Galleon Wealth Management, your impact is significant. Our clientele comprises entrepreneurs, business executives, investors, and philanthropists worldwide. Through supporting their endeavors, we contribute to fostering global growth and advancement.

We strive for diversity across the globe

Focused on Global Diversity

We know the best way to serve a truly diverse demographic of clients is to build a diverse team of experts. We provide our advisory services in a multicultural, multi-lingual, multi-currency environment because it represents our client’s best interests,





Our Values

Our Values

Galleon is aligned with a unique set of values and behaviors that resonate deeply with the community we serve.

We advocate a profound commitment to contribute positively to the world. It’s about a dedication to enhancing the lives of people everywhere, transcending geographical boundaries.

Our vision encompasses several aspects. This includes fostering inclusive growth and opportunities, promoting a sustainable way of life, and working towards a more just society.

At Galleon, we support the endeavors of our clients. Their businesses, investment activities, advocacy, and philanthropic efforts are significant catalysts for positive change.

Furthermore, we actively voice our stance on critical global issues such as sustainability, equality, and economic empowerment, reinforcing our commitment to these core values.

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Global Opportunites

To apply, submit your resume to [email protected]. Resumes without a cover letter/personal statement will not be reviewed.