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Galleon’s guide for long-term investing, which emphasizes focus and discipline, can help you achieve your investment goals. As we near the end of the year, consider how integrating more content with Galleon can help you create an enduring legacy.

Why you should merge your assets with Galleon

Combining your assets may seem like another task to complete, but the benefits are worth it. Once you’ve invested more than $500,000 in managed assets, you’ll have access to a dedicated wealth manager, along with other exclusive benefits. Your account manager will be your primary contact for your long-term investing needs at Galleon. Their job is to help you navigate the financial and investing complexities that come with a high net-worth portfolio.

Exclusive benefits include:

  • Trust services
  • Estate and estate planning
  • Integrated financial planning
  • Tax strategies and solutions
  • Philanthropic and charitable planning
  • Cash management solutions
  • Ongoing investment advice
  • Lower management fees

What value can an account manager bring?

Our Galleon wealth managers get to know you and your goals. Whether you’re looking to open a trust account, create a charitable donation strategy, or involve your children in financial conversations, your manager can help you make financial decisions.

With a dedicated customer service team, you can contact them directly via secure message or book an appointment online. They will help you and your family members better understand your needs.

When you have both a wealth manager and a dedicated team, they work together to achieve your estate, trust, and investment goals. Your wealth manager understands your investment goals and develops an investment plan based on your needs.

Consolidation is a great way to simplify your estate planning goals. Keeping your assets with multiple organizations can make it difficult for your heirs to manage your estate, and varying administrative requirements, fees, and deadlines can lead to errors and stress for your loved ones. By entrusting your assets to Galleon, you can help your heirs reduce the complexity of transferring an estate.

Your wealth manager can also help you with your charity projects. When it comes to estate planning, charitable donations can benefit those with high net worth. Many charitable donations are made at the end of the year, so now is a good time to consider whether the consolidation of assets and donations makes sense. We can help you discover the most tax-efficient way to donate and make the process simple. When you donate through a donor-advised fund it can help lower your estate taxes.

Keeping all your assets in one organization can also simplify your tax process. Instead of getting tax forms from multiple agencies, you can access them in one convenient place. Your wealth manager can talk to you and your tax advisor to simplify the process even further.

To learn more or set up an appointment, contact us at 1-844-GALLEON.