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Galleon Wealth Management
Why Galleon2023-12-22T02:46:25-05:00

Why choose Galleon Wealth management?

We offer you customized wealth management services that cross borders. We connect you to opportunities globally and introduce you to a unique network of individuals who are dedicated to your financial needs. Our focus is always on you and the needs of your wealth. We are among the best wealth management firms serving HNW clients.


Change is constant. We plan for it with an integrated strategy that expects your needs and goals to change along with the markets, the economy, and regulatory policy.

How do I qualify for Galleon Wealth Management?2023-12-18T05:16:18-05:00

Galleon Wealth Management has a minimum investment level of $2 million USD.

What are the benefits of wealth management for high net-worth individuals?2023-12-18T05:14:11-05:00

Higher deposits and savings accounts – Customized services and products – Access to investment guidance – Ability to invest in riskier assets – Personalized service – Lower transaction fees

What is high net-worth wealth management?2023-12-18T05:06:54-05:00

High net-worth wealth management is highly customized financial and banking services for wealthy individuals and their families as well as their family offices, foundations and businesses.

What makes us one of the best wealth management firms

Galleon Wealth Management is like no other. We take a distinctive family approach to serving our unique clients and their loved ones.

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