Who We Serve

We cater to affluent and globally oriented-clients.

Our clientele share a set of values and behaviors that go beyond geographical boundaries.

Galleon serves a special group of investors who share the belief that capital can be a powerful tool for change, security, and legacy

  • Dedicated experts who are well-versed in the unique demands of their fast-paced professions offer specialized services to accountants, consultants, and asset managers.

  • Our clientele encompasses a diverse group, including entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and executives, along with their heirs, families, and others.

  • We cater to a wide range of family offices, from those newly established to extensive multi-generational organizations worldwide.

  • We cater to the specific requirements of professional investors, including private equity and hedge fund principals, portfolio managers, and financial executives.

  • For lawyers and law firms, we cater to your changing financial requirements at every stage of your legal career, offering services that are designed to be responsive, and facilitate the growth and advancement of your practice.

  • We provide tailored financial services for doctors and medical practices, adapting to your evolving needs throughout your medical career. Our responsive services are crafted to support and enhance the development and progression of your medical practice.

The world’s most affluent individuals and families are increasingly establishing their presence worldwide, with family connections, residences, businesses, and investments spanning multiple countries and regions.

At Galleon, our offerings are as internationally diverse as the clients we are dedicated to serving. Our extensive suite of services encompasses investments, banking, financing, wealth planning, and specialized consulting, including guidance on art collections and sports team ownership.

Our clientele includes entrepreneurs, business leaders, corporate executives, their heirs, and other family members. For clients with businesses that have institutional requirements, we facilitate connections with our custodians, as well as Global Advisers, ensuring a comprehensive and seamless banking experience.