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Galleon Wealth Management

Strategic asset allocation

Utilizing our unique Flexible Valuation Approach, a strategic asset allocation methodology, we develop a personalized long-term investment plan tailored to your needs.

Strategic asset allocation2023-12-26T04:55:29-05:00

Tactical asset allocation

We advise on making tactical modifications to your strategic asset allocation. This approach is designed to capitalize on short-term opportunities and reduce risks in the near future.

Tactical asset allocation2023-12-22T03:58:32-05:00

Hedge funds

Through an extensive and exclusive network, we are committed to offering our clients unbiased insights into hedge funds, grounded in our investment and operational due diligence.

Hedge funds2023-12-22T03:42:53-05:00

Next Gen

We foster a distinctive community for heirs and successors of family businesses, offering essential opportunities for them to connect, acquire knowledge, and develop.

Next Gen2023-12-26T04:57:57-05:00

Philanthropic advisory

We help you realize your philanthropic vision and legacy by designing a personalized strategy that aims to create a meaningful positive impact.

Philanthropic advisory2023-12-22T03:56:40-05:00

Trust and wealth planning

We assist in developing a carefully considered wealth plan aimed at safeguarding your legacy, securing the accomplishments of your lifetime, and facilitating a smooth transfer of assets to succeeding generations.

Trust and wealth planning2023-12-26T04:58:25-05:00

Margin lending

We offer eligible clients the opportunity to secure loans at favorable rates using a range of investments as collateral, including equities, cash and equivalents, bonds, and mutual funds.

Margin lending2023-12-22T03:55:12-05:00

Family office advisory

We provide guidance to both single and multi-family offices of various sizes and configurations across the globe.

Family office advisory2023-12-22T03:54:32-05:00

Treasury management

With access to one of the world's most extensive financial services networks, Galleon has the capability to customize a broad spectrum of banking solutions specifically for your business requirements.

Treasury management2023-12-22T03:53:53-05:00

Custody services

Through our custodians we offer thorough portfolio management services, catering to savvy investors who aim to combine their accounts and streamline their financial record-keeping.

Custody services2023-12-22T03:59:36-05:00
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