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Galleon Wealth Management

Strategic asset allocation

Utilizing our unique Flexible Valuation Approach, a strategic asset allocation methodology, we develop a personalized long-term investment plan tailored to your needs.

Strategic asset allocation2023-12-26T04:55:29-05:00

Tactical asset allocation

We advise on making tactical modifications to your strategic asset allocation. This approach is designed to capitalize on short-term opportunities and reduce risks in the near future.

Tactical asset allocation2023-12-22T03:58:32-05:00

Hedge funds

Through an extensive and exclusive network, we are committed to offering our clients unbiased insights into hedge funds, grounded in our investment and operational due diligence.

Hedge funds2023-12-22T03:42:53-05:00

Sustainable investing

Our strategies for sustainable investing enable us to build portfolios that not only reflect your personal values but also aim for competitive returns adjusted for risk.

Sustainable investing2023-12-26T04:56:33-05:00

Portfolio analytics

Portfolio Analyst is a specialized technology committed to assisting you in comprehending the essential elements of your portfolio and exploring the opportunities available to you.

Portfolio analytics2023-12-26T04:56:17-05:00

Alternative investments

Our team specializing in Alternative Investments merges worldwide knowledge with regional understanding to provide attractive opportunities in private equity, real estate, and hedge funds.

Alternative investments2023-12-26T04:56:00-05:00

Investment management

Global Advisers, the global investment management organization of Galleon Wealth Management, designs, implements, and manages personalized investment portfolios and strategies for affluent investors worldwide.

Investment management2023-12-26T04:54:49-05:00


Our deep knowledge of and access to international markets equip you with valuable insights and an extensive array of investment options. We complement these offerings with unparalleled service standards.


Capital markets

Regardless of whether your needs are straightforward or complex, we provide services that cater to your specific requirements. Our range includes an extensive array of products and market-linked investments, designed to align with and support your investment objectives.

Capital markets2023-12-26T04:56:45-05:00
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